art statement


Certain truths in fine art, like love, are universal. The materialization and realization of thought to paper or material, which is different for all my contemporaries, is one of those truths. To me, fine art is the density held in the sub-realities of one’s virtuosity; what one would sometimes wish the world could or should be; intriguing and different in another’s representation while trading paths line by line to an enlightenment. The struggles of everyday life influence me the most. Heavy have been many of my days as I progressively seek an altruistic, mannerist gesture of expression. I have found inspiration in the subway cars of NYC on my way to school or work, or in the mere streets of the Bronx where I live; hence why some of my pieces have gestural lines that could be traced to my sketchbook. These pieces are a visual truth to a much more subtle NYC. I’ll view my subjects who are unaware of my approach, to turn them into a page, transgressions we can view for the rest of our lives. It’s important to me to be aware of all that walks by while I sit, study and draw. Changes flow vastly from seat to seat, and I compose something that brings life to my imagination. This is what I intend to show in my works: a congress of change through convictive strokes.